Aluminum brackets

Aluminum L brackets

We manufacture aluminum L brackets for Rainscreen cladding in seven different sizes.

These are the most used single and double 65, 100, 125, 150, 180, 210, 240, 270 mm L brackets.

The same are usable for vertical sub-construction of ventilated facades.

L [mm]Thermal insulation thickness [mm]Minimum distance [mm]Maximum distance [mm]
180120 – 160187220
150100 – 120157190
12580 – 100132165
10060 – 80107140

Thermal insulation pads

Special designed pads with 6 or 8 air chambers guaranteeing thermal insulation.

Easy installation on brackets.

Aluminum rails

Aluminum rails for vertical construction.

We currently keep available on stock L and T profiles as follows:

L 61x42x2mm

L 40x60x2

L 50x50x2mm

T 61x104x2mm

T 110x60x1,9mm Grooved

The length is usually based on your project needs. Standard lengths are 3 and 6 meters.